About Us

Our Core Values
1. Dynamic, inclusive worship
2. Christian education for all ages
3. Fellowship
4. Pitching in as partners
5. Neighborly and inviting
6. Youth and family
7. Building and grounds


Our Bedrock Beliefs
1. We believe in ONE TRUE GOD, who in his steadfast and faithful love, reveals his power, presence and promises through his son Jesus Christ.

2. We believe in GOD’S PROMISE for the forgiveness of sins, salvation, and eternal life, all freely given, not as a result of human action or virtue, but by God’s love, mercy and grace through the death and resurrection of his Son, Jesus Christ.

3. We believe in A LIVING RELATIONSHIP WITH GOD that is strengthened by the Holy Spirit, guided by scripture, and sustained through the waters of our baptism and in the body and blood through Holy Communion.

4. We believe in PRAYER to draw closer to God, especially at times of crisis, thanksgiving and joy, for comfort, guidance and praise.

5. We believe in THE DISCIPLESHIP OF BELIEVERS, that we respond to God’s infinite love and mercy by loving and serving others and by sharing the hope we have through the good news of Jesus Christ.